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PADI Dive Master

IDR 15,000,000

Trawangan Dive's philosophy on divemaster training is that the best way to learn is to experience how a dive centre operates on a day-to-day basis, not just reading books and doing simulated exercises, but by actually helping the instructor train real students in their diving courses.

Course Outline - Divemaster Internship Program
Join us in taking your first step as a diving professional. We are very proud of our Divemaster program and it has proven to be a popular choice on the island.  Trawangan Dive was the first PADI Career Development Centre in the Lombok region and is the only CDC Centre on Gili Trawangan.  We are also have a dedicated full time Course Director, so if you're just looking to take expand your dive knowledge and experience, or you wish to pursue a career in diving, then Trawangan Dive is the number one choice.

Knowledge development 
As a PADI professionsal, it is important that you have an understanding of the theory of diving.  You will cover the following topics throughout your Divemaster course: the roles and characteristics of a Divemaster, physics of diving, physiology of diving, dive equipment, decompression theory and the RDP, Divemaster conducted programs, the business of diving and your diving career.

You must prepare an emergency assistance plan detailing the proper procedures to follow in the event of a diving related accident (relevant to the local environment). Prepare a map of a local dive site offering useful information for those unfamiliar with the area, i.e. topography, depths, entry/exit points, etc.

Water Skills & Stamina
In this module, you will perfect your confined water skills to demonstration level, improve your diving ability and practice a rescue scenario. 

Equipment Exchange
Underwater, you will exchange all diving equipment with a buddy. This will improve self-confidence and equipment familiarity.

Divemaster Conducted Program
You will conduct a real student training session under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor.

Divemaster Internship
The purpose of this section is to enable the candidate to work with students on a real course and help prevent, overcome, and assist with common problems they may encounter while learning to dive. You will act as an instructional assistant and your performance will be evaluated. In addition, Trawangan Dive will give you training in compressor operation, equipment repair and dive store sales, a very valuable asset to any perspective employer.

Course Time and Costs
We recommend a minimum of three to four weeks to complete the training however many students decide to stay for up to five weeks. During that time, you have unlimited free fun diving and you can do up to 3 dives per day, which will result in well over 60 dives by the end of the course. 

Required Divemaster materials include the PADI Divemaster Manual, The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Knowledge Workbook. The Divemaster crew pack costs IDR 4.000.000.

This price for the course includes equipment; however, if you have all of your own gear, (including regulator, BCD, mask, fins) you will receive a 10% discount.  All DMTs are expected to provide their own surface marker and reel (this is basic safety equipment).  We sell these at the shop, or you can also buy one before you arrive if you prefer. 

We have an extensive range of Aqualung diving equipment available to buy in our retail shop.

A dive computer is also handy as you will be doing repetitive diving, so will want to watch your nitrogen levels.  We do sell these at the shop, or we rent them out for IDR 150.000 per week to Divemaster trainees.

Please note - there is an additional fee for your PADI membership, payable directly to PADI once a year.

PADI Instructor Courses

Join us and do your Gili Trawangan IDC Instructor Development Course with Trawangan Dive, an award winning PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort. We offer PADI professional level courses from Dive Master to IDC Staff Instructor.

Take the plunge and develop your skills with our experienced team. Contact us for more information or to book your PADI internship today!

For more information about our PADI professional courses, including the PADI Instructor course, please visit our dedicated website:


TDI Technical Divemaster and Leadership Program

Price on application

Whether you’re looking to experience life as a technical diving professional or are wanting to spend more time gaining experience and knowledge of technical diving both above and below the water this course is for you! Here at Trawangan Tech we believe that time and experience are the most valuable assets to becoming an accomplished technical diver and our leadership program will help grow your diving accordingly.

Course Outline
As a TDI professional, you will gain a much deeper understanding of the theory of diving and develop your diving skills to the next level by assisting our team of experienced instructors in theory presentations and practical skills development of student divers. Building on what’s been learnt throughout your prior TDI courses, the Trawangan Tech team will also train you to fine tune and enhance your own diving fundamentals while helping to coach new divers in the open water environment. You’ll also cover dive leadership, in-depth briefings and debriefings, physics, physiology, decompression theory, mapping deep dive sites, logistical planning, gas mixing and equipment servicing. The course can be tailored to focus on your preferred discipline (sidemount/twinset/CCR) or a combination of all three!

Course Duration
We recommend 4 weeks to complete your training. This will give enough time to complete your chosen TDI course(s) prior to starting your TDI Divemaster program (if required), assist other students on their courses, complete your own coursework and spend as much time underwater growing your own experience.


  • Minimum age 18

  • Certified as a PADI/SSI/SDI Divemaster (Candidates must crossover to SDI to be certified under TDI, which we will help you with)

  • Provide copies of current CPR and first aid training

  • Have a current medical examination signed by a licensed physician within the past 12 months

  • Provide proof of 50 logged dives

  • Certified as technical diver for which they are applying as a TDI Divemaster in (we will conduct this training with you prior to starting the divemaster program if required).

The TDI Divemaster and Leadership program is run during specific periods of the year and each candidate will receive a tailor made program based on their specific requirements, time frame and previous experience. Please contact for more information.