Quantity over quality – Why this is not true for Trawangan Dive Centre

July 2, 2020

Quantity over quality. Why this is not true for Trawangan Dive Centre

In the dive industry, a larger dive centre may often be referred to (usually by their smaller counterparts) as a ‘Factory’.  Perhaps they may also say that a larger dive shop is ‘quantity over quality’.  They may lead you to believe that you will receive a better level of service if you dive with them.  The reason behind this blog is not to bad mouth smaller dive centres but to explain why this is not true for Trawangan Dive.

Diving Instructors Ash and Georgie always having fun and smile
Our team of Diving Instructors making sure you have the blast of a time from the moment you step into the dive centre. In the picture Ash (@djash_e) and Georgie (@georgina_swain).

Trawangan Dive, like most dive shops, started out small.  In 2010 there were 4 full time instructors, 2 dive guides and a small crew employed.  There were 2 dive boats, 1 pool and an amazing atmosphere!!  Over the course of the next 2 years, it became obvious that the shop was increasing in popularity, so an additional instructor was added to the team.

Trawangan Dive Group Photo
Trawangan Dive has an instructor team dedicated to offering the most hands-on Divemaster course run on premises by our PADI Course Director Kazi (@divemastergilis)

Fast forward 10 years and we have a team of 9 full time instructors, 2 PADI Course Directors, a full time technical instructor and 8 dive guides.  Our policy remains that dive course groups are kept as small as possible, and fun diver groups will not exceed 4 people with one guide.  By expanding our team, we are able to cater for a larger amount of customers without compromising safety, quality of education and customer contact and satisfaction.

Trawangan Tech - Technical Diving Department from Trawangan Dive Centre
With our in-house tech department “Trawangan Tech” we proudly offer the full range of TDI Courses on both open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers (JJ-CCR).

The business has grown organically to continue to meet the demand from guests.  We have built additional pools, added to our fleet of boats, bought more equipment and physically doubled in size.  

We have been able to increase our customer numbers through increased efficiency whilst maintaining the quality of service we provide.  We have won countless awards over the years, and are extremely proud of the business that we have built.

Bubble Maker Course for our youngsters with diving Instructor Pat
With our large team of Instructors and Divemasters we can keep groups small and guarantee a high quality of service. In this picture Diving Instructor Pat (@herbertpatrick) teaching our youngsters the first steps of diving.

When people come to Gili Trawangan, I always recommend going to a few shops.  Have a chat with the team, get a feel for the place and see which one suits you best and make an informed choice.  I almost guarantee that a smaller shop will discourage choosing a larger shop because of their size.  I encourage you to question this.  Bigger long-established shops generally reflect commercial success through better and more facilities, sustained customer satisfaction and popularity. 

We are also a hotel and restaurant offering everything needed for a great diving experience that many customers have enjoyed over the years.

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