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With our dedicated Tech Boats here at Trawangan Dive

In 15 to 20 minutes to the drop point.

With our dedicated Tech boat here at Trawangan Tech, all our technical dive sites are located within 15 to 20 minutes. You’re clearing your mind. Everything is prepared and checked. You are ready to go.


TDI Technical Diving International Courses on Gili Islands Trawangan Dive

3 2 1 GO!

Our well trained boat crew are navigating us via GPS Navigation to the exact drop point. You’re starting the descent. How deep will you go?

TDI Nitrox Diver Course

TDI Nitrox Diver Course

TDI Nitrox Diver Course is an entry-level course for divers wishing to continue their diver education and utilize enriched air nitrox as a breathing gas to extend no-decompression limits at depth.

TDI Sidemount Course Technical Diving

TDI Sidemount Course

Instead of having the cylinder on the standard back mount unit, you will learn to dive with a cylinder mounted on the side using dedicated gear.

Try Tech diving with our Intro to Tech Diving Course

TDI Intro to Tech Diving Course

The TDI Intro to Tech Course is an introductory course that expands on recreational training by improving dive planning methods, in-water skills, and streamlining existing gear configurations in a controlled and fun learning environment.


TDI Advanced Nitrox Course. Us enriched air nitrox to 100 percent oxygen

TDI Advanced Nitrox Course

The TDI Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to use enriched air nitrox from EAN 21 through EAN 100 percent within your current certification level to a maximum depth of 40 metres/130 feet during dives that do not require staged decompression.


TDI Decompression Procedures Diver Course. Dive to 45 metres

TDI Decompression Procedures Diver Course

The TDI Decompression Procedures Course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving. With a maximum operating depth of 45 metres/150 feet, this course is your first step beyond the normal sport diving limits.

TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Combo Course

TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Combo

The TDI Decompression Procedures Course combined with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course form the foundation of all other technical courses. After these two courses and some additional experience, the stage has been set for you to move onto additional technical levels.


TDI Extended Range Diver Course offered by Trawangan Dive on Gili Islands

TDI Extended Range Diver Course

The TDI Extended Range Diver Course provides the training and experience necessary including proper techniques, equipment requirements, and hazards of deep air diving, to competently utilize air for dives up to 55 metres/180 feet that require staged decompression, using nitrox mixtures or oxygen during decompression.


TDI Trimix Diver Course. Add helium to offset the nitrogen in your breathing gas

TDI Trimix Diver Course

One of the major limiting factors of going deeper is narcosis. The TDI Trimix Diver course shows how to minimize the effects of narcosis by adding helium to offset the nitrogen in your breathing gas.

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