Being a PADI Dive Instructor that can’t be a PADI Dive Instructor

May 23, 2020

Dive Instructor Patrick. Trawangan Dive

As of the 24th March 2020, Trawangan Dive Center has had to close it’s doors due to Covid-19. This has left 9 extremely active PADI dive instructors with no divers to instruct.  We go on occasional shore dives but otherwise, we’ve had to find other activities around the dive center to keep us busy. Here is my review on some of the things we do here most days:

Cleaning toilets

My hands haven’t seen this much bleach since my first year of university when I tried to make a fashion statement.  Keep your hands clean, keep the surfaces clean, same thing. Making the toilets (and my hands) smell like every swimming center you would go to as a child. 4/10

Cleaning windows

My dad used to be a window cleaner. He said ‘the game’ was actually a lot more cut-throat than you would think. Not so much of a ‘game’ here, although watching a 5’2” (157cm) Sany (@sany974) try to clean the tops of the glass office doors by jumping is very entertaining. 8/10

Water plants

Therapeutic. Giving life. Doing the lords work. Decent exercise lugging around the water gallons. 6/10

We miss our local Divemasters
We miss our local Divemasters a lot! Especially our Saleh (@muhamadsaleh_) and his big smile.

Meal vouchers

Adam and Sarah (our managers here at Trawangan Dive) have been so helpful to the instructors here in making sure that we are able to eat and are providing us three meals a day at the dive shop. This is done with a voucher system, and I am in charge. Never before have I held this responsibility. Showing somebody the underwater world is something, but I am god of the meals. I am the voucher lord. I am dinner jesus. 11/10


An ill-fated endeavour. Much hyped (by me). Attempted by one (not me). After many minutes of YouTube training videos, the basic training started. Nowhere near enough time was spent on this section before Joel (@joelandrew89) attempted a flip. He thinks he needs an X-ray on his neck. Would not recommend. 1/10

Scuba Instructor Teaching Open Water Course
We can’t wait to teach an Open Water Course again.

Pressup challenge

Start one day with however many you want. Then each day, add one more than the day before. Started strong but tailed off a bit with only a percentage continuing. Great idea in essence, poor follow-through. 5/10


A very addictive and very enjoyable board game that changes every time you play it. It does however possess the potential to destroy friendships due to the nature of cutting deals with opponents mid-game.


When first proposed, I thought this was some kind of dip you’d find in a Turkish restaurant. Turns out, it’s a form of intense exercise. Way worse than hummus. However, exercise is important. Especially at this time. 7/10

Our Dive Instructors are missing teaching diving
Event though our Diveshop is closed you can still start your next course and work closely with our instructors to get the first step done! You can do this entirely at home! Start your next diving adventure from the comfort of your home now!

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