Introduction to the Biorock Process

4 Dives
1 or 2 Days

Course Description:

1 or 2 day PADI speciality (4 dives recommended). Gain a PADI Distinctive Speciality certification.

Learn about coral ecology and the importance of coral reefs in the marine environment. The course raises awareness to the state of coral reefs global and the need for awareness and responsible behaviour to protect remaining healthy reefs.

Divers will also be introduced to the Biorock process and technology and why it is so successful.

Take part in training to identify damaged coral reefs, the causes of destruction and the use of Biorock technology for restoration and erosion prevention.

Learn how a Biorock works and why they are more successful than other reef restoration techniques. Will also gain an insight into how they are advantageous in preventing coastal erosion and eco tourism.

Course includes 2 dives, at least one around the Biorock structures. The divers will learn to identify species of coral and the status of the corals on reefs and also on Biorock structures to compare. You will also learn how to recognize coral bleaching, disease and predation with underwater identification slates, whilst gaining a PADI speciality certification.

This course includes
  • Equipment Rental


IDR 4.100.000*

* Includes Certification Fee.
* All divers are required to pay a one-off Marine Park fee of IDR 150.000 upon your arrival. This can be paid in cash at the dive shop.

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