We require that all divers plan their dives comply with the following guidelines.

  • For any dive deeper than 40 metres, or any dive where decompression gases are used, a dive plan must be completed and approved by relevant Trawangan Tech staff.
  • All gas mixes MUST be analysed, correctly labeled for MOD and signed and dated by the user. Fill station log must be signed.
  • Maximum bottom PO2 will be 1.4 ATA or lower.
  • Maximum decompression PO2 will be 1.6 ATA or less.
  • All divers must carry sufficient gas to complete their dives within rule of thirds, or as appropriate for the dive plan.
  • On Trimix dives, maximum END will be 30m/98ft.
  • Divers must be equipped with at least one reel and SMB/ lift bag, with two being strongly encouraged. A whistle and flashlight are highly recommended on all dives.

All technical divers must provide proof of insurance upon arrival at Trawangan Dive.

Divers Must Carry Back Up Depth And Time Information.

Trawangan Tech staff will reserve final judgment on suitability and choice of the dive site and help you to plan your dives with the latest diving software.

For more information contact us via email:

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