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PADI Green Star Award for Trawangan Dive on Gili Islands

Trawangan Dive is committed to protecting and conserving the environment. We do all that we can to get involved with organised projects locally and worldwide.

That’s why Trawangan Dive is very proud to be the first dive centre in the Lombok region to receive the PADI Green Star Award™. The PADI Green Star Award ™ is about rewarding vision, excellence and the pursuit of conservation.

For those of us who love diving, we know that the protection of the underwater world is paramount to the future of the sport and for the enjoyment of generations to come. As scuba divers we should make a conscious choice to choose dive centres that demonstrate a commitment to environmental awareness. It is also an easy way to identify dive centres that are actively working towards the preservation of the environment both above and below the water.

BecomE an Eco Diver with Ocean Quest

Ocean Quest was founded by Anuar Abdullah in 2010. It is a malaysian-based conservation organisation, but is rapidly expanding globally and partnered with Sea Shepherd. Ocean Quest has created its own Techniques for coral reef rehabitilation which have been brocken down into a series of courses wich are now available at Trawangan Dive!

Ocean Quest Diving with purpose
Gili Eco Trust
Trawangan Dive offers eco diver courses for coral reef rehabitilation on Gili Islands
Biorock reef conservation on Gili Islands

BioRock Reef Conservation

The Gili Islands are the second largest Biorock® site in the world, currently home for more than 120 Biorock structures and have hosted International Reef Restoration Training Workshops.

ECO Diving Courses

For divers interested in conservation, marine ecology or just wanting to give something back to the oceans.

With Trawangan Dive you can learn how reef gardening works and learn all about the science behind the Biorock technology.

Eco diver courses available at Trawanga dive. Learn how reef gardening works and learn all about the science behind the Biorock technology

Trawangan Dive is not only committed to protecting the ocean and our reefs, but also helping the best to keep our small Island in there we live healthy and trying our best to reduce the impact of tourism threatening our Island.

How to be an Eco-friendly tourist on Gili Trawangan

How to be an ECO-Friendly Tourist on Gili Trawangan

As travel becomes more accessible, it is important to think about traveling in a sustainable way. We compiled a list to help you know where you can start here on Gili Trawangan by reading this blog post!

Reef Clean ups

Whenever we are diving we pick up any trash we see but it’s always cool to dedicate a whole dive to clean up the ocean! Showing the ocean some love and removing things that don’t belong there! Ghost nets and discarded fishing line are a problem. They entangle marine life and smother corals.

We can all do our bit to improve the health of the ocean! Starting with collecting any we find on the reef but also ensuring if you do eat fish it’s sustainably caught!

If you’re interested about learning the correct ways to help keep the ocean clean why not do your PADI Dive Against Debris speciality?

Ghost nets and discarded fishing lines are a problem. Learn the correct ways to help keep the ocean clean do your PADI Dive Against Debris Speciality
Debris Free Friday Beach Clean Ups by Gili Eco Trust and Trawangan Dive on Gili Islands

Debris Free Friday

Every Friday, Trawangan Dive joins the Gili Eco Trust and other like-minded Dive Shops to jointly clean our the beautiful beach of our island. If you’re here on a Friday, please come, join us, and help us preserve this magical place and earn a free Bintang. That’s also the best time to get in touch with all of our eco warriors!

You can find all necessary information about place and time for the next beach clean up on their Gili Eco Trust Facebook Fanpage

Horse Clinics

Gili Trawangan is famous for having no cars or motorised vehicles. The main modes of transport on the Island are Bicycle and Horse Cart (Cidomo). For the last 8 years, Trawangan Dive has been actively involved in improving the welfare of the horses. Clinics are hosted twice a year with volunteer vets coming to help with basic treatment and care. More recently, Trawangan Dive has helped to set up a farrier program to produce good quality horse shoes locally. We have seen great improvements in the health and welfare of the horses in this time.

Horse clinics on Gili Trawangan. Trawangan Dive has been actively involved in improving the welfare of the horses on Gili ISlands
Cats of Gili Islands. With support from Gili Eco Trust and Trawangan Dive

Cats of Gili

The project is acting under Gili Eco Trust, an environmental organization of the Gilis. As Gili Eco Trust already has lots of issues to handle, there was a need to have someone to concentrate on cats only. Therefore, Cats Of Gili was launched in September 2013, got Gili Eco Trust to support, as well as Gili Island Dive Association (GIDA) backing up. So now our feline friends have their own project and a dedicated crazy cat lady Susanna who runs the whole show! Visit their Website to learn more.

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