Fun Dives

The magical underwater world around the Gili Islands boasts year-round crystal clear waters with an average water temperature of 28° Celsius. Home to some of the world's best marine life, diving in the Gili Islands is not to be missed.


Recreational dive sites range in depth from 10 meters to 40 meters and are mainly coral gardens, coral ridges and walls. All sites are accessible within 10 to 15 minutes by boat; allowing more dives each day. With plenty of dive sites to choose from, we assess the best and safest sites to dive each day, based on conditions.

Dive groups are kept small with a maximum of 4 divers per guide. We dive three times per day: 9:00, 11:30 and 14:30, with Night dives available each day on request.

Fun Dives are for certified divers only.  Check out our PADI Courses available if you want to get certified in Gili T.


Guided boat dive around the Gili Islands

IDR 540,000 / per dive

3+ Dives 10% Discount
5+ Dives 15% Discount

Night Dive

IDR 660,000 / per dive

Nitrox Guided boat dive around the Gili Islands

IDR 670,000 / per dive

Discounts available for multiple dives

Professional Photographer




  • Dive Equipment Rental

  • Dive Master

OPTIONAL add-ons

  • Professional Photographer

  • Go Pro Rental

  • Dive Computer Rental

  • Nitrox (EANx)

Gili Islands Price Agreement & Eco Trust Charge

There is a price agreement on the island so all dive shops have the same minimum price.  The price includes all equipment and dive guides. 

There is an additional charge of IDR 50,000 / per person, which is paid once per diver to the Gili Eco Trust. The environmental organisation on the island that works toward reef restoration, patrolling bad fishing practices, recycling programs and beach clean ups.

Further discounts available for group bookings or if you bring your own equipment.

Gili Island Dive Sites

The diving on the Gili Islands is excellent is all year round, with drift diving being the predominant form. March to October has very reliable weather and warm both in and out of the water. We always have some sites sheltered from prevailing seasonal weather conditions and typically lose only three or four days diving a year due to rough conditions. Water temperatures range from 27° to 30° Celsius (80° to 86° Fahrenheit).

Shark Point

Avg Depth: 20m | Max Depth: 40m | Open Water

Situated on the north-western edge of Gili Trawangan and sloping off into the Lombok Strait this dive site has it all! Deep ridges, a drop off to over 50 metres, schools of jack fish, sharks and a tug boat wreck at 30 metres to play on. Heading closer to shore, the site shallows up to as low as 5m, where huge numbers of turtles can be found amongst rolling coral fields and bommies.

Probably the most popular site of the Gili Islands, this one is not to be missed whether you're just starting out, or an experienced diver looking for something unique.

Turtle Heaven

Avg Depth: 20m | Max Depth: 32m | Open Water

Turtle Heaven is situated on the North East side of Gili Meno. Has a healthy population of varying types of hard corals. Has a load of food for turtles and its place in the current means there's a lot of food for fish. And as the name suggests, a load of turtles - both Hawksbill and Green Sea. 

Great for beginner divers and snorkelling, but also exciting for people going to 30m and beyond. Site features lots of animals, turtles, fish. There's a number of man made objects as part of a coral propagation project that attract a lot of sea life. 


Avg Depth: 18m | Max Depth: 30m | Open Water

Halik's on the NorthNorth-West side of Gili Trawangan. Great for all divers, starting at 6m and going down to 40m. Has a number of different caves were juvinile animals like to grow up in, especially sharks.

Lots of sponges and corals. Current varies, but can be great for drift diving. Can see schools of snapper, trigger fish, sharks, rays, as well as smaller more reef orientated fish like the anemone (nemo) fish.

Sunset Reef

Avg Depth: 10m | Max Depth: 24m | Open Water

Sunset Reef is on the South West side of Gili T. Large rolling coral fields, dense in both soft and hard corals. A great site for divers of all levels.

A predominant cleaning station, it attracts animals looking to get a good scrub down. One of the most popular visitors in recent times are Manta Rays, often seen dancing through upper sunlight. The site also houses a load of shelters for juvenile sharks and dense population of Hawksbill turtles.

Deep Turbo

Avg Depth: 24m | Max Depth: 32m | Advanced Open Water

A dive site of epic proportions. With massive coral pinacles rolling up from a sandy bottom, diving Deep Turbo is like flying through space looking down on the moon.

Large schools of batfish and snappers roll through, with sharks often seen lurking through. Blue Spotted Rays are frequent visitors, who can be seen floating around foraging for clams.

Often found with current, the drift diving here is spectacular, bringing in a lot unexpected animals from the deep.

Bounty Wreck

Avg Depth: 12m | Max Depth: 20m | Open Water

Bounty Wreck is a sunken jetty that used to be on Gili Meno. With a lot of rubble coral, the site is perfect for macro sea life. It's home to many scorpion fish, trigger fish, groupers, peacock mantis shrimps (if you don't know what these are, watch this video) and frog fish.

There's a large bommie, home to thousands of glass fish, with pipe fish often seen rolling round.

South, there are also old bicycles with coral growing over, if you fancied an underwater cycle at any point.

Bio Rock

Avg Depth: 10m | Max Depth: 20m | Open Water

The Gili Islands are the second largest Biorock® site in the world. Low voltage current through metal structures, promotes corals to grow faster and stronger than on natural reefs. Led by the Gili Eco Trust and strongly supported by Trawangan Dive, we're helping restore the beautiful coral reefs of Gili Trawangan. They have proven to be more resilient than natural reefs in the severe bleaching events of 2009, 2010 and 2016. More than 120 structures are placed in the waters around the Gili Islands, fostering a lot of new corals and a vast array of fish life. For more information, visit our eco page.

Han's Reef

Avg Depth: 12m | Max Depth: 22m | Open Water

Sandy bottom for most of the site, with independent bommies popping up. Home to turtles, barracudas, cuttle fish, stingrays, cow fish, ghost pipe fish, fields and fields of garden eels and, take note on this, the infamous harlequin shrimp (if you know where to find it).

If you know how to dive this site, it's definately one of the best on offer.

Gili Meno Wall

Avg Depth: 14m | Max Depth: 25m | Open Water

A great spot for night diving. The wall of Gili Meno starts at 5m, dropping down to a sandy bottom of 30m. Current varies greatly, sometimes non-existent to one of the strongest we have here in the Gili's. This mean's you'll never quite know what you'll see. On the wall, we have a lot of lionfish, scorpionfish, moray eels, lobsters, crabs, clownfish and groupers, but make sure to look into the blue to spot the likes of bumphead parrotfish and sharks.

Shallow Turbo

Avg Depth: 20m | Max Depth: 22m | Open Water

A big beautiful site, great dive site for beginners, night dives and anyone wanted to see the BioRocks.

Being one of our typical drift dives, take to relax as you pass through a varying landscape of channels, fields and the beautiful BioRocks. You'll be sure to see loads of turtles and schooling fish. And, if you're lucky, unicorn fish, scorpionfish, trumpet fish and ornate ghost pipefish.

Simon's Reef

Avg Depth: 25m | Max Depth: 40m | Advanced Open Water

Located North of the Gili Islands, Simon's Reef is a deep site perfect for more experienced divers. Canyons spread across the site with massive coral bommies rising up from the sandy bottom. Large gorgonian fans spread across the site, with channeling currents bringing large and varying species of schooling fish. 


Seahorse Bay

Avg Depth: 25m | Max Depth: 35m | Advanced Open Water

Situated on the Lombok Coast, Sea Horse Bay is an amazing site for muck diving. Home to a large variety of macro life, this place turns to heaven as the sun goes down. If you like night diving, this site is one of the best on offer. If you have a keen eye, keep a lookout for Octopus, hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish and the pigmy seahorses.

Hidden Reef

Avg Depth: 20m | Max Depth: 35m | Open Water

Located east of Gili Meno, Hidden Reef is a paradise of soft and hard corals, starting at 12m, flowing down to 35m, this site is great for beginner divers too. 

Typically a North to South current, making the site perfect for drift diving. Due to the vast amount of corals, there is plenty of marine life including stingrays, triggerfish, clownfish, angelfish and pipefish.